We should all have a plan every time we go into the gym.  Building muscle – and keeping that hard-earned muscle when trying to reduce body fat – requires smart, progressive, structured planning in your workouts.  Having the right plan can make all the difference.

These are workouts I’ve written and used myself and with my clients – they are tough, detailed, and designed to help you grow and keep what you’ve already built.

Each of these plans contains:

  • A fully detailed workout split including exercises, sets & reps, tempos, superset configurations, and more
  • Exercise cards for each movement in the split with photo examples, instruction on how to do it properly, key points to consider, common mistakes to avoid, and possible variations
  • A written primer on lifting as a bodybuilder that will be useful to beginners and advanced lifters alike.  This covers things like how to physically and mentally prepare for your workouts, how to make exercise substitutions when needed, how to know when you’re working hard enough and how to work harder – because you always can.

These plans are built with basics from the ground up – you’ll find plenty of exercises you know and love (and some you hate – because we need those more than anything else some times) as well as new and creative takes on other movements designed to give your body something it hasn’t felt before.  My approach to lifting is easily summed up this way:  execution over everything.  HOW you perform these exercises is more critical than anything else, and with the guidance in this plans you’ll be able to approach them confidently knowing you’re doing things right – and you will FEEL it too.


Note:  always consult a physician before engaging in any physical exercise programs.  While designed for safety, all exercise programs contain risk and individuals are advised to proceed carefully and with caution.