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My coaching principles and philosophies

I am sometimes asked outright by inquisitive people exactly what my priorities and strategies are when it comes to getting someone stage ready.  It’s a totally fair question, and a monologue that is part of my standard orientation for people when they first join the team.  Every competitor is a unique individual with their own […]

Strategizing for 2013

It’s all about strategy, right?  If Sun Tzu was a bodybuilder, this would be his favorite time of year.  The competitive bodybuilding season kicks off in late March – though for those of us in Asheville, the earliest shows nearby are in mid-April.  That puts the New Year as the time when many will be […]

Your training program sucks

I hate being negative, it’s just not really in my nature (sarcastic, yes – negative, no).  So while I hate the negative title of this post, it’s probably true. For every man and woman who steps on stage looking their absolute best, there are probably 3-5 who missed the mark considerably (I’m being generous with […]

Southeastern USA bodybuilding calendar

Last edited 12/2/2012 This is a relatively detailed list of NPC, INBF, WNBF, USBF, SNBF, OCB, NANBF, NPA, NGA, NASF, and Musclemania bodybuilding shows that are within a 6 hour drive from downtown Asheville, NC.  This list also includes National levels shows, which are qualifiers for the IFBB professional league. If a show does not […]

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