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Keys of Success – Patience

Welcome to installment #1 of what will be an ongoing blog series:  the Keys of Success!  It should be noted that whenever anyone asks me what the key is to success, I always tell them that there isn’t one.  This is a much easier answer, since the person asking usually isn’t looking for the honest […]

Proper deadlift technique

When executed correctly, few things can develop the posterior chain quite like the deadlift.  This move utilizes hip and knee extension to pick a heavy weight up from the ground, and with a few pointers doesn’t have to be made much more complicated than that. The video details precisely how to position yourself correctly at […]

Is your ‘routine’ hurting you?

I’ve mentioned before my semi-masochistic tendency to frequent the forums.  Here’s something you see all the time – people asking for critiques of their workout routine.  Here’s a direct cut-and-paste of one poster’s routine: I Squats heavy Bench press BB heavy Cabel crossover Incline Bench BB DB Pullover DB flies II Cardio III Calves […]

Your training program sucks

I hate being negative, it’s just not really in my nature (sarcastic, yes – negative, no).  So while I hate the negative title of this post, it’s probably true. For every man and woman who steps on stage looking their absolute best, there are probably 3-5 who missed the mark considerably (I’m being generous with […]

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