One question I get all the time:  what are your prep strategies?  What dieting style do you favor?  What training philosophies do you believe in?

The answer is easy:  whatever works.  This means a plan can take on many different forms based on each individual.  When I look at writing a plan for someone, I’m not taking my “philosophies” and forcing them down someone’s throat – that will work for some people and they’ll get excellent results, and for many others it will fail them completely and they will quit in frustration – and rightly so!  Differences in body type, experience, goal, lifestyle, and numerous other factors will influence what your plan looks like from a “big picture” sense down to the smallest details.

I do have a few basic tenets I believe in:

  • There is no upper limit on training intensity, but we should always be aiming to increase it intelligently and safely.
  • Less is more when it comes to supplementation.  Most is worthless.
  • Macro-based diets are generally more sustainable in the long run and, even if we go with a meal plan, it would be wise to learn how to track macros.
  • Communication is key.  The people I work with that are more interactive and engaged in the process are almost universally more successful.
  • You should be curious.  I’ll lay out all the details you need, but taking the initiative to always learn more will only help.


So with me as your coach, what exactly do you get?

  • Fully customized meal plan or macro-based plan, depending on what you’re comfortable with and what we both feel will work best for you.
  • Custom-designed training routine, updated regularly (every 3-5 weeks) with an emphasis placed on video input and feedback to ensure proper execution and intensity levels
  • Cardio programming, including details on session frequency, duration, intensity, and mode
  • Full supplementation programming, based on science – less is more, and useless supplements are avoided.
  • Scheduled weekly check-ins conducted via email where all program elements are evaluated and changed as needed
  • Email/text access to me throughout the week in addition to our scheduled check-in
  • Long-term and short-term planning with clearly defined goals.
  • For competitors, this program also includes full logistical planning including show selection, posing work and feedback, peak week planning, and day-of-show support and availability (remote) for last minute adjustments.

$149/month – no contracts, no additional cost due at signup

I also have high expectation of my clients. Foremost among these is a positive attitude – if you want your body to go to a better place, your mind has to lead the charge. You also need to be able to communicate effectively, ask questions, follow directions that will be clearly provided, check your ego at the door, be willing to learn, and be willing to bust your ass.

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