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ALL of the client photos shown here were achieved with online coaching.  Scroll down to see me and read client testimonials as well

“Over the last 16 months I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in the gym (Proper form, feed-back, pushing me to do more/work harder, and making me extremely sore everywhere all the time), as well as your instruction on macros/healthy eating options etc. I am not always perfect (especially on the diet front) but you always seem to encourage me and not let me get down on myself when i do falter and you always lead/get me back on path.  I think this is due to the fact that even though you have a lot of clients (probably more than i even realize) you always make me feel like i am the ONLY one. Thank you for always being there and responding when a question arises or when i am about to fall over the cliff. You, my friend, are awesome!”  -Angie

“The best part of working with Darin is that he finds a way to incorporate balance in your life while helping you achieve your fitness goals.  He does a great job of motivating me and holding me accountable while still being understanding that I’m human.”  – Sam

“I have seen tremendous improvement in my physique . . . (Darin) is a pro when it comes to detail and being informative so I actually know what I’m doing . . .   He has such a huge knowledge base that takes many years as well as experience to have. Truly a great coach, friend, and start to wherever your end goal may be!”   – Kristin

“Darin Starr exemplifies the definition of an excellent coach, trainer, nutritionist, motivator, and his attention to detail and responsiveness is second to none!”  – Lana

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