Progress Photos

Poses for photos are gender and division specific.  Find the category below that best describes you, grab all the samples, and take your own photos using your best imitation of each pose.  Getting the highest quality photos possible is a huge key to success on this program – on the best weeks, changes will be subtle and if your photos are inconsistent then those changes will be impossible to see.

Please read every bullet point below carefully and follow them to the best of your ability.  If you send photos that do not follow these guidelines I will absolutely ask you to retake them.  These are a critical tool in measuring progress and sub-par photos will absolutely have an impact on your results.

  • No selfies – use the timer function on your camera and a tripod (as opposed to having to rely on someone else for help, putting you at the mercy of their availability)
  • For now, focus primarily on photographic quality – make sure I can see you, and that the photo shows you as you really are.  If you look at the photos and say “no way, I look better than that”, go in search of better lighting.
  • About lighting:  more is better, until you have too much.  Light the subject (you), not the camera – this means don’t point at the camera at a bright light source (windows, lamps, overhead lights).  Standing in front of an open window will generate a worthless photo.  Put the window behind the camera instead, and use it to light yourself.  Natural light is great (outdoors, overcast day, no direct intense sunlight) so use it whenever you can.
  • Camera placement:  make sure I can see all of you, and that the camera is around belly-button height (if your significant other takes your pictures, make sure they do not hold the camera at eye level.
  • In all photos you ever take, everything that the camera can see should be flexed.  Note that in the sample below the body may appear relaxed, it is absolutely not.  Flex everything you’ve got, isometrically, as hard as you can.
  • Finally, this post is a good read on WHY the posing is important (for competitors and non-competitors alike) and how to nail the quarter turns more effectively.


Women – non-competitors, figure, fitness, physique, and bodybuilding

Women – bikini division competitors

Men – non-competitors, bodybuilding

Men – men’s physique division competitors