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The Drop Set – Episode 7: Roles of a coach and reducing injury risk

Coaches come in all shapes and sizes and with a wide range of strengths and weaknesses.  I outline what I consider to be the primary roles a coach can fulfill so you can determine what’s important to you.  Also, how to reduce your risk of injury in a sport that should really be quite safe!

Varying approaches and strategies for training legs

There are a billion (precisely…I counted) articles online talking about the best way to train legs, why you NEED to train them twice a week, why training them more than once a week is a bad idea, or why you should only squat and forget everything else. This is not one of those articles. Instead […]

The Drop Set – Episode 6: Offseason strategies & searching for a coach

Some advice for the New Year’s crowds, my take on 2 very different approaches for off-season growth, and also a coach’s tips on how to search for an online coach!

Effectively Logging your Workouts

If you’re reading this, you should be logging your workouts.  Unless you have a freakshow memory, you just aren’t going to remember all the important stuff – and if you do this long enough, all the days/weeks/months/years tend to blend into each other and before you know it, you’re going to the gym to hit […]

6 Traits of a Successful Online Client

Even if you don’t feel that all of these traits are innate things you possess, I’ve found that they can be learned over time if it’s in pursuit of a goal you think is important enough.

Clean eating vs. flexible dieting: not so different after all?

There is an emerging war between two camps who other see the extremes of the other side. Get the facts and a reality check here.

By popular demand!

New and exciting things being cooked up in the Five Starr Physique labs (aka, my Macbook).

Keys of Success – Patience

Welcome to installment #1 of what will be an ongoing blog series:  the Keys of Success!  It should be noted that whenever anyone asks me what the key is to success, I always tell them that there isn’t one.  This is a much easier answer, since the person asking usually isn’t looking for the honest […]

Time for some new rules

I recently saw on Pinterest (yes, guys…it’s ok to be on Pinterest.  You’re girlfriend might even respect you more for it) this graphic titled “The Skinny Rules, by Bob Harper”.  Regardless of your opinion of The Biggest Loser, it is very popular and this guy is seen as an icon in the industry.  So I’d […]

No one matters but you

Ok, listen up – I’m giving everyone reading this permission.  Permission to be completely self-centered, absorbed, and borderline narcissistic.  You are the center of the universe.  Block everyone else out.  Picture yourself, alone, on top of a mountain somewhere.  You, and nothing else. This is the prism through which you need to assess your progress. […]

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