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You’re capable of doing the work, but knowing exactly what to do can be tricky – and how do you know if you’re doing it right?  Are you working hard enough?  Overdoing it?  Undereating?  Not eating enough?  Overthinking things or missing important details?  You know it’s supposed to be hard, but does it seem harder than it needs to be?  If you take a wrong step or have an “off” day, who do you turn to in order to get things back on track?

Stop guessing and start knowing

These are the responsibilities of a quality bodybuilding coach.  I take that role very seriously – I know that what I ask my clients to do is hard work, but I’m prepared to work just as hard for you to get you where you want to be.

Make your efforts work for you

I’m Darin Starr and I’ve been involved in bodybuilding for 20 years.  As a certified trainer and a competitor myself, I’ve coached hundreds of clients and have made helping others in bodybuilding a full-time career.

My goal as a coach is simple:  always remember what that title means.  Growing up and playing team sports, I remember well what my coaches did – not just the nuts & bolts strategy of how to win, but also how to improve skills, understand the finer points of the sport, and how to know how much you don’t know – only then can you really focus on learning and filling in the gaps in your knowledge.  Bodybuilding specifically is hard work, consistency, and dedication – but knowledge is a key ingredient in your success as well.  If you aren’t curious and wanting to learn as much as you can, your potential will be limited.

Be curious, be ready to learn

As a coach I understand the ins and outs of competition prep, but even more importantly I understand that the process is a grind.  Whether your aim is to compete or just get in amazing shape, consistency matters.  Finding a way to be successful in bodybuilding without having it perform a complete and total takeover of your life is something that most people give up on, and they pursue bodybuilding to the exclusion of everything else.  I find this to be a totally unhealthy way to live and encourage my clients to find balance:  go hard, be precise, have impeccable standards – but learn to be efficient so you still have time to be a normal human being.  It’s challenging, but it also makes the bodybuilding lifestyle more sustainable.  Sustainability is the pillar upon which long-term results are built.

Long-term results require consistency

If you’re looking to start or continue your journey and are looking for structure, a support system, quality feedback and answers to all of your questions, read more about my coaching program or reach out and contact me directly.

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