I am asked on a daily basis if I offer anything besides my standard monthly online coaching program.  Soon, I’ll be able to say ‘yes’!  I have a couple projects in development now that I’m very excited about.

It seems everyone these days is offering generic workout plans for people who don’t want (or don’t need) hands-on coaching with additional customizing and accountability.  In my research, I’ve found that these plans vary wildly in quality from “lousy” to “mediocre” – what I’m currently developing will set a new standard for quality and detail.  I’m excited to share more details about this and samples from these plans in the weeks ahead!

Also, I’ve noticed that there is a huge block for many people when it comes to getting the most out of their workouts.  They are great at going in to the gym, moving quickly, and working up a great sweat – but struggle when it comes to reaching muscle failure and pushing their body in the right way to get it to respond and grow.  My upcoming e-Book will aim to address that particular problem – focusing entirely on training principles, philosophies, and techniques to maximize your workout.  Stay tuned for excerpts!

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