This past weekend, Five Starr Stud Taylor Spadaccino made her debut on a national stage at the 2013 Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ.  After placing 3rd in her very first show last year she followed that up with a dramatically improved package in April at the NC State Championships, winning her class and narrowly missing out on the overall.  Following that show we had a nice planning discussion and both agreed it was time for her to move on to the national stage, and we selected the Team U show due to timing and also the ability to compete with her friends and family in the audience (being from NJ, originally).  She pushed as hard as ever for the 12 weeks between shows and her efforts were evident and she placed 5th in her very competitive class, taking home a nice shiny trophy for her efforts.


After this awesome success of a performance we agreed another national show would be in order before calling it a year, but decided to take our time until mid-November and the NPC Nationals in Florida.  This not only gives us time to make some improvements but also ensures Taylor won’t get burnt out and over-dieted.  It’s sure to be a competitive class at Nationals (it always is), but you can be sure Taylor will be doing everything she can between now and then to bring her best package to the stage.

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